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Our Ecosystem

We believe that no one service provider or technology vendor is able to provide the expertise and capabilities needed to fully take advantage of the Big Data and analytics innovations to deliver real business value to you.

We have created a diverse ecosystem around us, which allows us access to a strong network of skills— particularly important in a field that has a chronic ‘skills gap’. We are able to assemble the right mix of experts and technologies that are optimal to serve our clients.

Onepoint IQ's ecosystem

The core of our ecosystem is our in-house team—the IQers. We are supplemented by the skills and capabilities of our three affiliate companies (Onepoint Consulting Limited for data and enterprise architecture expertise; OSS Cube for open source software development and systems integration expertise, including a 300-person offshore capability; and Radbourne Consulting Limited for strategic business consulting expertise), who provide us the ability to extend our ‘internal’ capabilities.

We have relationships with a number of trusted associates, who are usually boutique companies or freelancers focused on a particular area. We call on our associates to bring sector (e.g. retail, life sciences) and domain-specific (e.g. customer management, retail marketing) expertise.

We have a number of formal and informal partnerships with organisations focused on the Big Data space, including platform vendors (e.g. MapR), analytics specialists (e.g. Danopt) and visualisation specialists.

Our practical experience with an ever-evolving technology landscape and our vendor independence help us to quickly define a tailored solution that is ‘right’ for our clients. Our network reach gives us a powerful sourcing mix and the ability to scale. In a market with a skills shortage and dubious credentials, we bring trusted assurance and quality.

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