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We help you find real value from data

Our approach

Onepoint IQ’s business-driven (not technology-centric) approach helps our clients to quickly discover and deliver real business value from Big Data technology innovations.

Our Rapid Value Methodology™ takes a structured, step-by-step approach. We involve key stakeholders within your business throughout the Big Data discovery journey. We guide you through the process of identifying and prioritising the highest value business applications relevant to you. We work with your data and IT specialists to quickly develop a technical proof-of-concept with minimal burden to your team and your IT infrastructure. We collaborate with key stakeholders to define and demonstrate the proof-of-value and benefits case. We define pragmatic implementation roadmaps and implement solutions that start delivering business benefits quickly.

Onepoint IQ’s approach to solving our clients’ data challenges (or harnessing your data opportunities) is always underpinned by a focus on identifying and delivering business value quickly.

The Rapid Value Methodology — Step-by-Step


Describe the Big Data landscape

Discuss your data challenges, opportunities

Describe common business applications and sample case studies for inspiration

Discovery Workshop

This is where we bring together specialists from all parts of your organisation (and external experts, if desired) to creatively explore how Big Data innovations could be applied to you.

We design and run a structured workshop attended by multi-disciplinary stakeholders from your organisation. Experts from relevant areas for your organisation should be there, including Products, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, Data / Business Intelligence, IT, Strategy / Innovation, Change Management, among others.

We facilitate a discussion of possible business applications of Big Data technology innovations for your organisation.

We develop a prioritised business applications list, and agree a top business application (or ‘use case’) to take to the proof-of-concept stage.

Rapid Proof-of-Concept

Use sample representative data (annonymised where necessary)

Select best-fit Big Data solution components of Onepoint IQ, partners, others, using transparent criteria

Develop a solution without burdening your IT staff or systems where possible (e.g. using secure cloud platforms)


Outline your business benefits

Identify vendor and solution options for a ‘production’ system

Outline cost drivers


Define implementation scenarios, recommended approach(es)

Outline benefits case for your decision gateways (e.g. Demand Management Forum, Capex Committee, Benefits Management Office)

Executive presentation for senior buy-in (e.g. Board, Senior Management Team)

Rapid Implementations

Programme / project planning for prioritised business use cases

Solution architecture, data governance, rapid development

Pragmatic rollouts to achieve ‘quick win’ benefits

Knowledge transfer, stakeholder education, benefits tracking

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