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Business Advisory

Our business advisory practice focuses on identifying and applying technology innovations that bring real business benefits to our clients. We believe that the field of Big Data provides an array of business applications that can benefit most organisations, as we describe in Big Data Business Catalysts.


Our consultants are seasoned management consultants who have worked at top-tier firms such as Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte Consulting, serving a blue-chip clientele.


Because we are tightly integrated with the deep technologists of our Technology practice, we are able to quickly identify and communicate the business relevance of technology advances and develop pragmatic strategies, roadmaps and business cases with you.


We separate the reality from the hype and confusion prevalent in the Big Data marketplace. We are trusted, client-side advisors. Our independence means that we recommend solution and vendor options that are most appropriate for your organisation.


Our ‘Big 4’ heritage provides us the grounding and sharp focus on business benefits and value realisation. This means we don’t focus on technology for technology’s sake. While the technical innovations in the field of Big Data are exciting, we get more excited by applying these innovations to solve real business problems for our clients.


The proven and pragmatic approach we use is the Rapid Value Methodology, which has been developed through years of shaping innovative technology strategies and delivering complex projects that enable critical—often transformational—business initiatives.

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