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The Academy

Onepoint IQ’s education arm is the Academy. Whether you seek to understand the basics of the Big Data phenomenon, the applicability to your organisation, or want to increase your technical skills through immersive ‘deep dive’ learning—Onepoint IQ can demystify, inspire and provide clear, actionable learning and skills.

We run three highly practical and focused education programmes focused on CXOs, business ‘catalysts’, and technologists.

The Executive Series

Our Executive Series is designed for C-level executives from all industries who are looking to get a high level understanding of the Big Data phenomenon and to discover value creation opportunities for their business. We use simplified explanations, case studies and ‘mythbusting’ to enlighten and inspire in a safe, peer environment. ‘Stupid questions’ are encouraged and none is left unanswered.

The Business Series

Our Business Series is where teams from diverse organisations, sectors and functional areas come together to understand how Big Data advances can be incorporated and applied to new initiatives and to improve ‘business-as-usual’ activities. The sessions are aimed at ‘business catalysts’ looking to apply the array of Big Data innovations to their data challenges and opportunities, from customer insights to new business models.

The Technical Series

Our Technical Series is geared to addressing the skills gap in the vast array of fast-evolving Big Data related technologies and analytics techniques. Your IT and data specialists from architects, developers, data scientists, analysts to systems administrators will benefit from our hands-on, in-depth workshops, allowing them to apply the learnings rapidly within your organisation and projects. We can also prepare individuals for certifications on these technologies.

The Onepoint IQ Academy’s curriculum is designed so that it can be tailored extensively to meet your organisation’s objectives:

Tailored modules

Each module can be customised to reflect your company and sector. For example, we can infuse case studies specific to your industry and cover developments within your peers and competitors across the world. Similarly, we can cover technologies that your organisation is using or is likely to use, including technical administrator and developer modules.

Tailored programmes

We can design a customised programme covering one or more days aimed at multiple audiences. For example, one client wanted us to design a Business track where executive sessions flow into broader business stakeholder sessions through one full day. They wanted a Technical track to run in parallel, with input from the business track flowing into the technical workshop.

Preferred locations and languages

We realise that organisations have different location preferences and language needs. We can run the programme at your offices or a neutral venue worldwide. Although all courses are designed and delivered in English, our team of ‘IQers’ speak Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. We can provide tailored translations of material and even provide an on-site translator familiar with the subject matter.

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