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We help you find real value from data


Four service lines

Our four services lines enable us to partner with our clients to guide them on the journey from idea to value.

Business Advisory

Our business consultants work with you to identify how the innovations in the field of Big Data can be applied to your business challenges (and opportunities).

They work collaboratively with teams across your business to analyse and define the business outcomes and the benefits case.

They can also define and support you with programme / project management and assurance, executive communications, and benefits tracking.

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Our technologists take the business outcomes you seek and apply their deep expertise in Big Data technologies to define, architect, and oversee the development of the enabling technology solutions for you.

They can also define and support you with your IT strategy and plan, data and enterprise architecture, and provide independent technical assurance for your projects.

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Managed Insights

Our data and analytics team builds, hosts, operates and supports tailored data solutions for you.

Where relevant, we use offshore development and support capabilities to get you economic and operational advantages (e.g. cheaper prices, global time-zone coverage).

Clients often use our secure managed cloud services to increase speed of deployment, gain cost advantages, and significantly reduce the burden on internal staff and systems.

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Our expert trainers and change management specialists bring your teams up-to-speed on the Big Data field in general and the tailored solutions developed for you.

We run three formal learning and development programmes targeted at senior executives, business ‘catalysts’, and data / technology specialists.

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Our ‘blue chip’ consulting heritage and deep technical skills reinforce each other in helping our clients’ pursuit of value from Big (and small) Data.

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