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We help you find real value from data


Our clients include major blue chip companies as well as small-to-medium size organisations across a range of industry sectors.

Clients we serve

The organisations we serve separate broadly into two categories.


Mature organisations

We help more established organisations—whether they are large or small or private, public or a non-profit—demystify the confusion around the field of Big (and small) Data. We help them figure out which of the array of Big Data and analytics innovations is relevant to their organisation, how these solutions fit with existing technologies and investment in data-driven  working practices. Using our Rapid Value Methodology, we take clients through practical, small steps without overwhelming with technical answers or hype.


Entrepreneurs and start-ups

We help entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovating new business models, products and services related to (big and small) data through our technical and business consulting competencies. In some cases, these entrepreneurs and start-ups come from within smart mature organisations looking to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Industries we serve

We believe that the innovations in the Big Data and analytics fields are relevant to most industries.

A number of industries are leading the adoption, including:

  • Financial services
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and entertainment
  • Technology
  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Public sector and ‘3rd sector’

Onepoint IQ’s in-house team have experience serving a number of these sectors, with particular experience in telecommunications, media, entertainment, and financial services.

We call upon our strong ecosystem of partners and associates to bring sector and domain-specific expertise relevant to client assignments.

Our experience

While the field of Big Data is relatively nascent and we are a young company, we have significant experience. Our lead technologists—Alexander ‘Sasha’ Polev, our Chief Architect (we call him The Data Professor) and Allan Schweitz, our Head of Development (we call him The Data Jedi Master)—have been teaching Big Data (Apache Hadoop) training courses on behalf of a leading Big Data platform vendor since early 2012. The companies they have trained read as a ‘who’s who’ of organisations which have found real value from Big Data and analytics innovations early on:

Training Clients


Our lead consultants—Christy Kulasingam, a Director and co-founder (we call him The Chief Stratnologist) and Shashin Shah, also a Director and co-founder (we call him The Technology Zen Master)—have been helping our clients to cut through the noise around the Big Data field, guiding clients to find business value from the technology innovations.

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Find out about how we helped media company Frontline, the UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution organisation, first to get familiar with Big Data innovations and then to find not one, but three, business applications (so far) that add value to their business:

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See what clients are saying about us

  • “I came away from Onepoint IQ's Discovery Workshop session with a much clearer understanding of what ‘Big Data’ really means.”

    — Stephen Whitehouse | Systems Development Manager | Frontline (UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company)
  • "Onepoint IQ quickly cuts through the hype and marketing speak of Big Data vendors and lets you understand how this important and developing area can add real value to your business."

    — Greg Hayden | Head of Group IT | Frontline (UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company)
  • On behalf of the OSSG and BCS members and other attendees, I want to thank you for an excellent Technology Briefing session. Everyone who spoke to me was full of praise.

    Prof Cornelia Boldyreff, PhD, FBCS, FHEA | Chair, Open Source Software Group (OSSG) | The British Computer Society
  • “I found Onepoint IQ's Discovery Workshop was an excellent way to understand just how significant Big Data methods and tools are to solving real life business problems.”

    — Greg Hayden Head of Group IT | Frontline (UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company)

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