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We help you find real value from data

The Big Data Business Catalysts

We believe that the technology innovations associated with ‘Big Data’ can be true enablers of business value for most organisations. To us, it is not about whether the data is big or small, or if one technology is better than the other. It is all about:

  1. data that is relevant to your business—big or small; and
  2. the business applications that can be enabled by these technologies to solve a challenge you face (or to realise an opportunity you seek).

From increasing revenue to improving market share to strengthening services to just saving more money, we can help your organisation discover and achieve the fullest potential from the technology innovations in the field of Big Data. We cut through the noise and get to the point.

Make better decisions

Making decisions that drive your organisation forward is the goal. Insights from data should help your decisiveness, to help you take action, course correct quickly if the decision was sub-optimal and help you keep moving forward.

With Big Data and analytics technology innovations, you can now experiment wildly with all available data, prove and disprove hypotheses, and generate new insights not previously possible. The speed to insights (and action) is now within reach for most organisations, cost-effectively.

How we help clients:

  • Identify which data to use—internal and external—and how to integrate with existing ‘enterprise data’ and your working practices
  • Define the mathematical / statistical modelling methods and tools to get insights from the data, including powerful predictive modelling techniques
  • Identify which tools and technologies can be leveraged to help you ‘leapfrog’ to better decisions
  • Define how to transform the decision making processes based on new insights
  • Define how data governance and architecture would work to keep data ‘clean’ and relevant
  • Manage business change

Increase revenue

In these difficult economic times, organisations are always looking for ways to protect and increase revenue. Your data—along with relevant external data—may have hidden insights which improve your revenue strategies. Using new data integration techniques, advanced analysis methods including predictive modelling, and powerful visualisation advances we can enable you to find these profitable insights.

How we help clients:

  • Enable you to find ways to reduce customer defections (or churn)
  • Enable you to find ways to increase market share
  • Enable you to find ways to relieve pricing pressures
  • Enable you to identify and launch new products or business models
  • Enable you to uncover customer insights
  • Enable you to cultivate customer loyalty
  • Enable you to expand your customer base

Trim costs

Every organisation seeks to control costs. While at most organisations data is not the first place to look, the traditional ways of collecting, storing and processing data typically come with considerable costs—known and hidden. Big Data technology innovations can be applied to reduce the ‘total cost of ownership’ of your existing data solutions, including databases / warehouses, business intelligence platforms, backup and archival solutions—to mention just a few.

How we help clients:

  • Rationalise your data technology architecture
  • Lower costs of data management
  • Reduce fragmentation and complexity
  • Integrate organisational working practices

Optimise skills, processes & technologies

Atrophied, legacy skills to re-energised staff with modern skillsets. Inefficient operations to operational excellence. Aged platforms and systems to applying leading edge technology innovations that enable business progress. Most organisations endeavour to improve these core dimensions of people, processes, and technology. We believe that in the domain of data alone, these dimensions can be significantly improved by applying the innovations in the field of Big Data.

How we help clients:

  • Improve data related skills—for example, we provide learning and development programmes for your data gurus (statisticians, data analysts, data scientists and the like) and technical gurus (developers, administrators, architects and the like) to energise them to find new business applications that add real value to your organisation
  • Improve data-driven business processes—for example, we improve your ‘reporting windows’, re-imagine the effectiveness of  your business intelligence (e.g. through improved visualisation), enrich and improve the integrity and accuracy of your customer data, and enable you to improve business-specific activities such as finding ways reduce risk and fraud
  • Improve data technologies—for example, by applying secure cloud technologies to cost-effectively improve your data accuracy and processing speed.

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