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How we can help with your Big (and small) Data journey


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Learning about how Big Data technology advances can be applied to your organisation and developing your people to ‘up-skill’ them on new data management, analytics and visualisation techniques are fast becoming critical to your success.

Our Academy service line runs three focused public and private education programmes for high flying executives through to deep technology and data specialists:

  • Executive Series
  • Business Series
  • Technology Series
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Business Advisory

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There is so much hype around ‘Big Data’. With the seemingly never-ending stream of techno-speak, promises, projections, and predictions, cutting through the noise isn’t easy. Making sense of what is relevant to your organisation and what applies to the ‘big boys’ isn’t clear either. It feels too difficult to even get started.

Most organisations can benefit from the vast array of technology innovations happening around the Big Data field. We call these the Big Data Business Catalysts, which you can harness to solve existing challenges and to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Our consulting practice takes a step-by-step, business benefit-driven—as opposed to a technology-centric—approach we call the Rapid Value Methodology™.

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Big Data technology innovations and the surrounding ecosystem of companies are evolving rapidly.

Our technical experts are the best in the business — they are certified practitioners on a number of Big Data technology platforms. They can define, architect, develop, administer and support systems using innovative Big Data technologies tailored for your business.

Our research and development unit, Onepoint IQ Labs, continually experiments with an array Big Data technologies. Our independence means that we recommend solution options that are optimal for your business and business case. We also collaborate with our extensive network of data scientists, visualisation experts and sector specialists to bring the right mix of know-how appropriate to you.

We typically use secure, proven cloud technologies to quickly develop ‘proof-of-concepts’ without burdening your IT team or systems.

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Managed Insights

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Quickly applying Big Data technology innovations to achieve business benefit can put pressure on the skills of your personnel, distract from ‘business as usual’ operations and stretch your technology capabilities.

Our Managed Insights practice can ‘take the problem off your hands’. We can fully develop and host data and analytics solutions for you, providing a hassle-free managed service to you.

These managed services could come in the form as ‘data-as-a-service’, where we do all the data management, data processing, algorithm and analytics work, then provide you the results. You can then incorporate this ‘feed’ into your working practices and benefit from greater insights, leading to ‘insights-as-a-service’.

We also develop our own customised tools and proprietary techniques, which helps accelerate our ability to deliver not just data, but actionable insights.

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  • On behalf of the OSSG and BCS members and other attendees, I want to thank you for an excellent Technology Briefing session. Everyone who spoke to me was full of praise.

    Prof Cornelia Boldyreff, PhD, FBCS, FHEA | Chair, Open Source Software Group (OSSG) | The British Computer Society
  • “I came away from Onepoint IQ's Discovery Workshop session with a much clearer understanding of what ‘Big Data’ really means.”

    — Stephen Whitehouse | Systems Development Manager | Frontline (UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company)
  • "Onepoint IQ quickly cuts through the hype and marketing speak of Big Data vendors and lets you understand how this important and developing area can add real value to your business."

    — Greg Hayden | Head of Group IT | Frontline (UK’s leading magazine sales and distribution company)

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